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Erin Borges - GoGo Gift Bags

Erin Borges
Erin Borges
GoGo Gift Bag inventor, Erin Borges was on her way to a party when she stopped into a retailer to purchase a gift, and gift wrap. As a busy mom, Erin often wrapped presents last minute and on the go. During this all too familiar exercise Erin had an ah-ha moment when she realized how expensive, unstylish and time consuming wrapping gifts truly was. After the party, and armed with the mounds of excess tissue paper she had stockpiled at home, Erin began to figure out the solution to this ongoing issue. Erin set out to revolutionize gift wrap for every busy mom on the go and create a product that was fast, reliable, affordable and also beautifully designed. That was the moment the GoGo Gift Bag craze began! The GoGo Gift Bag collection is now here to serve every holiday and occasion.
Product Description:
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GoGo Gift Bag is a patent-pending all-in-one gift bag that features a unique tissue paper installation system, completely eliminating the need to ever purchase tissue paper in excess again. GoGo Gift Bag is a stylish, easier and a more economical alternative than the options available. GoGo Gift Bag provides superior design than the current options by coordinating the gift bag and the tissue so your gift will impress each and every time.
GoGo Gift Bag is more stylish than traditional gift bags with crumpled and torn tissue paper. GoGo Gift Bag is an easier and smarter way to wrap presents due to the way it conceals the contents with less tissue. It reduces waste by eliminating the need to purchase excess tissue paper, and the GoGo Gift Bag is pre-coordinated and made to leave a lasting impression.
Solution/Problem Solved:
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